Dream come true!

So if you know me (which none of you do) I am a huge movie theater enthusist. I try and do everything to recreate the theater effect in my room.

  • First I bought the HDTV
  • Followed by the Bluray player (PS3 player)
  • I then calibrated my Bose 3-2-1 and got it to do lossless sound (PCM ftw)
  • Then I got into calibrating the picture quality on my TV

All that was missing was for a back light on the TV an example of it was this.

Well I have been cleaning through my stuff and I was able to find the perfect thing to light the back and here is the result!

Now I couldn’t take a decent picture that really showed off the light when the movie was playing, but when your here in person it’s a lot better. So I tried my best to take a picture with the movie playing (again when your here in person it’s alot better).

I honestly couldn’t be happier! Now all I need to do is start upgrading my surround sound system to 7.1 (: